p.o.p. candy: Butter Crunch Treats

by Rachel on April 27, 2010

p.o.p. candy - YUM

I love to write about people working hard to make a go of it in the food business.  My father spent years running an artisanal bakery in Santa Barbara, and then a casual Italian Restaurant., also in Santa Barbara.  I know from watching him how much strength of character and perseverance it takes to make it as a small businessperson in the world of food.  Recently I met two fabulous people, Rachel Flores and Bill Waiste, who like my father – any many more of you out there – have a passion for the kitchen and for the life of a small business owner.  Rachel and Bill are the founders and owners of p.o.p. candy, a Santa Monica based business that makes the most delicious butter crunch candy I’ve ever had.  What I love about Rachel and Bill is that they take a holistic approach to the business process.  They want their product to be fresh, made of only the best quality ingredients, and with the smallest carbon footprint possible.  It goes without saying that butter crunch candy is made with butter and sugar.  The additional ingredients they use such as rosemary, thyme, nuts, and dried fruits are purchased at local farmer’s markets.  The end result is pure bliss.

Too much fun!

If you are searching for a novel gift idea (HINT – Mother’s Day is just around the corner) – check out their website and send somebody you know something really special.  They’ve done a great job with their packaging.  The individually wrapped packets would make great party favors for a kid’s birthday party – but they are sophisticated enough both in look and taste that they would work just as well at a wedding or a large corporate event.  Last but not least, Rachel and Bill are committed to supporting the work of charitable organizations and non-profits.  The list of organizations they’ve supported already is incredible.  I met them at such an event.  Oh, did I mention that if you place an order – buy some for me too.  I mean really, don’t you think I deserve some right about now?

Three pieces are better than one.

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Erika - In Erika's Kitchen April 27, 2010 at 3:47 pm

I met Rachel and Bill at the Foodbuzz festival in San Francisco last fall and I agree – they are wonderful and their candy is divine. I brought home a few samples planning to use them in a salad or some other recipe I could write up, but it didn’t last long enough!

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