Party Margaritas

by Rachel on May 19, 2012

Party Margarita

We had a wonderful Spring Break with one of my best college friends and her family. Her husband is one of those men who excel at cooking anything that requires fire or alcohol. This is his go-to party Margarita. I have to admit, it is the perfect drink to make for a crowd. It tastes remarkably good for having all of three ingredients, well four – if you count ice. Once together, said college friend and I always reminisce about our pact to turn in our college senior theses two weeks early. Senior year at Princeton grinds to a halt in the last few weeks before the thesis deadline. We both handed in our theses, with a solid 14 days to spare. With classes done and the rest of the school holed up in the library there wasn’t much to do but sun bathe. We lolled about in swimsuits on the grassy knoll just adjacent to my senior dorm and watched the other worried, work-laden, seniors scurry by. All we needed was a pitcher of these margaritas and we’d have had complete Nirvana. Better late than never.

Party Margaritas:

  • One 12-oz canister of frozen Minute Maid Limeade
  • Once the juice canister is empty fill it once with Tequila
  • And then half full with Cointreau (or Triple Sec if cost is an issue)

Empty the Minute Maid limeade into your blender. Use the empty limeade canister to measure the Tequila and then the Cointreau straight into your blender. Fill the blender with ice. Start blending. Take the small top off of the blender while it is processing and continue adding ice until the drink is very smooth. You may want to add an additional tablespoon or two of tequila while the ice is processing – it depends on how strong you like you drinks. Serve the margaritas. Some people like a Tequila floater on top of the drink. I personally can’t handle any more Tequila, but some of you are far better men than I.

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