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My family loves food. We love to cook and we love to spend time together in the kitchen. At home my sister and I often spend our Sunday afternoons trying something new in the kitchen.  My boys (14 and 16) are able chefs, handy with a sharp knife for chopping (though we have made one sprint to the ER as a result of kitchen-knife accident), capable of whisking, blending, beating, stirring, and tasting. Family holidays often center in and around the kitchen. A glass of wine in hand and a story to tell, my father never tires of pulling a meal together, whether for 4 or 14. My mother sails in, particularly in times of trouble, quick to make a pot roast and some homemade applesauce.  My maternal grandmother could out-cook folks a quarter of her age. We’d be in our sixth hour of making jam or baking cookies, the rest of us slumped on one chair or another and my grandmother would still be standing, not a word of complaint.

This blog is loosely based on a family cookbook I edited and photographed two years ago. The cookbook, “Inside the Kaganoff Kitchen,” brought together recipes that we, as a family, have made again and again over the years. Some are festive holiday foods and others are simple fare suitable for a busy weeknight with homework to do and instruments to practice. My hope is that you’ll try a few of these recipes and that one or two will make it into your family repertoire (and please leave a comment and tell me if they do), but more importantly – I hope that you enjoy your time in the kitchen. Gather your friends and relatives around you, grab a recipe and a glass of wine and get cooking!

About The Author

Rachel Kaganoff-SternRachel Kaganoff Stern is a wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, friend, board member, volunteer, photographer, avid cook, writer, book maker and blogger.  She lives in Los Angeles.

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About The Photos On This Site

All of the food photos on this blog are mine, for better or for worse.  I have never dressed up my food, filled the soup with marbles, or sprayed the vegetables with shellac.  I make all of the recipes, exactly as they appear here, put the completed dish in a bowl, or on a plate and I shoot with available light.  My hope is that my photographs are beautiful, but that in the end they still represent what the food will look like when you make it at home, in your kitchen.  The photos that show up on the upper right hand corner of the blog are all mine as well, shot primarily in Farmer’s Markets on our travels around the world.  If you want to see more of my photos go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/rkstern The food photos are in the food blog folder and are all tagged with where they were shot.